Rhinebeck Acupuncture
Rhinebeck Acupuncture



5 Element Acupuncture

All of my work is based on 5-element acupuncture principles. The 5 elements are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal. 


Tuina Bodywork

Tuina is Chinese for "push and pull". This form of Chinese bodywork is often used in conjunction with other forms of Chinese Medicine; namely Acupuncture. Some of the movements are similar to other forms of bodywork but the difference with Tuina is that one works with the Acupuncture meridians and points. Additionally, the work is very massage-like except there is no oil and one is clothed.  


Zero Balancing

I took my first Zero Balancing class in 1994 when I was an Acupuncture student. I have been certified in Zero Balancing since 2009. 

Outcomes you can expect

You'll become a better observer of yourself.

Symptoms and signs are often messages from deeper within the body, mind, and spirit. At the very least we’ll work to bring them into a tolerable range. At the same time, you’ll become more aware of the wisdom contained in these messages. You’ll learn what contributes to these symptoms manifesting and how to manage them when they do occur.

You'll spend time in conversations that matter.

At the outset we’ll spend time speaking about the past in order to gather important historical information. Our subsequent conversations will primarily address the present (where and how you are in the moment) and the future (the life you want to design for yourself). Some of the stories you currently operate from will be challenged in our conversations together.

You'll learn about Nature as healer.

Nature is the oldest and most elegant teacher of health and wellness. Aligning your life and work with the rhythms of Nature and the cycles of the seasons are powerful ways to support your wellbeing in the present and prevent illness in the future.

You'll have a partner in creating change in your life.

Regaining and maintaining your health involves making changes. While making these changes most people run into resistance, obstacles, and their own ambivalence. Working together we’ll create practices that support your self-care and keep you headed in the direction you want to take in your life.

You'll learn that healing and learning are closely related.

In our time together you’ll learn new ways of being, doing, and speaking to sustain you in your journey. I’ll support you in being a beginner in these new ways of living.

In all my work I hold you as already being whole and complete. Everything you need to thrive in life is already in and around you. You are your own best medicine and your best care provider.