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Treatment Modalities

5 Element Acupuncture

All of my work is based on 5-element acupuncture principles. 

Zero Balancing Bodywork 

I took my first zero balancing class in 1994 when I was an acupuncture student. The first level of ZB was required as part of the curriculum.Years later, I was working with another acupuncturist who was incorporating ZB into her acupuncture treatments. I was so impressed with its effect on me I decided to resume my training. Now six years later, I am a certified zero balancing practitioner. ZB is a clothes on and hands on modality. Click here to be taken to the official ZB website. 
Video Demo of 'How Zero Balancing Works'

Tuina Bodywork

Tuina is chinese for "push and pull". This form of chinese bodywork is often used in conjunction with other forms of chinese medicine; namely acupuncture. Some of the movements are similar to other forms of bodywork but the difference with Tuina is that one works on acupuncture meridians and points. Additionally, the work is very massage -like except there is no oil and one is clothed.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy 

CST is perhaps the gentlest hands-on form of bodywork in existence. The therapist never uses more than 5 grams (the weight of a nickel) of force when applying pressure or traction. Interestingly, CST has the ability to help the most difficult of conditions which other therapies are sometimes not able to reach.

Amma Therapy  

Amma Therapy is a hands-on bodywork modality that is based on acupuncture and chinese medicine principles. It uses a gentle rocking technique on the acupuncture points and meridians that rejuvenates and revitalizes.

Chinese Dietary Therapy  

Sound nutrition is fundamental to good health. Chinese dietary principles are incorporated into the work as needed. 

Common Dietary Guidelines

Classical Chinese Dietary Therapy is an exacting science, and a consultation is necessary in order to properly diagnose and prescribe. These guidelines serves as the most basic of reminders for patients.

The Eight Common Non-Glutinous Grains:

Long grain rice 

These can be prepared alone or in combination as

  • porridges for breakfast
  • as a grain to serve with any meal
  • as a base for summer salads served at room temperature

The above grains can also be used as flours for

  • pancakes
  • pie crusts
  • muffins, scones
  • gluten-free breads

The Allergies and Exhaustion THREE

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Sugar

These three food types are absolute contraindications in cases of exhaustion, prolonged fatique, allergies (acute and chronic), post-nasal drip, and excess mucus production from the nose, eyes, lungs, vagina, or in the urine (cloudy urine) or stool.  

The Intestinal, Heart and Head FIVE

  • Coffee
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Chilli and other hot spices
  • Chocolate

These foods are absolutely contraindicated in a wide variety of complaints; all heart conditions including high blood pressure; all gastrointestinal conditions from gastric reflux and stomach ulcers to Crohns disease, and all conditions of recurring headaches and migraines. 

The Skin Conditions FOUR

  • Chicken
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Shrimp and Prawns

These foods are absolutely contraindicated in all skin conditions.  

Calcium Concerns

The most common question I am asked about a dairy free diet is "What do I do about calcium, then?" If you take dairy out of your diet and are worried about calcium, be reminded that dairy foods over time deplete calcium levels. The human body does not assimilate cow's milk well at all. There are countless resources available if you're interested in reading about this, ranging from pop websites to sites which analyze the landmark Harvard "nurses study" which proved what the Chinese have known for thousands of years.

Obtaining Usable Calcium

Usable calcium is found in high levels in

  • Dark green leafy vegetables
  • Sesame seeds (do not eat these if you have diverticulosis)
  • Sardines (eat the bones), oysters
  • Beans

Gentle, daily, weight-bearing exercise is the best thing you can do to maintain or strengthen bones. 

Infertility and Pregnancy

Acupuncture has an excellent success rate with infertility for women for whom western medical fertility treatments weren’t successful, or for women looking for a less invasive approach.

In many cases where fertility treatment has not been successful it is commonly the diet that is at fault. In order to maximize the success of fertility treatments patients are advised that the following are absolute contraindications during pregnancy, or if having difficulty getting pregnant.

• Ice in drinks
• Cold foods including salads
• Raw foods including salads
• Studying too much
• Overwork
• Over thinking
• Going to bed late at night
• Spices, especially chillies
• Garlic
• Onion
• News or stressful movies

All the above tax the energetics of the Spleen which is responsible for maintaining the pregnancy, or the Stomach from which all fluids are derived. Also, pregnancy cannot occur in a cold uterus. Ideally the first and last trimester should be spent away from work.

Adherence to the above has proved enormously successful in my practice when combined with individualized acupuncture treatments.

Facial Rejuvenation 
I have studied the Mei Zen facial rejuvenation technique in NYC with its creator. The protocol calls for 10 sessions spaced out over a 5 week period.