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"Phil is wonderful. He focuses on individual needs and offers personalized advice. He has helped me with my pain management a great deal. I'd highly recommend him."

Norma Dolan, Rhinebeck NY

"I entered treatment with Philip during a time of increased physical and emotional stress. Through observation and by carefully listening to my complaints, he was able to develop a personalized acupuncture program. Besides being immediately relaxing, I found that is subsequent days I would experience feeling of great well being. Philip is patient, knowledgeable and obviously loves his work."

Mark Marinoff, Poughkeepsie, NY

"Philip is a wonderfully kind, calm therapist. He is thoughtful, involved, very knowledgeable and insightful. I appreciate the healing environment and human connection he creates. In addition to his acupuncture expertise, he was also able to share his personal recommendations on diet and lifestyle, to enhance my healing. In a sea of esoteric, flaky, ungrounded, questionable therapists, Philip stands out as the real deal. I thoroughly recommend Rhinebeck Acupuncture !"

Liz M, Rhinebeck NY

"Phil is a wonderful practitioner, He creates a supportive environment and is always searching for new ways to approach our sessions. I appreciate Phil's holistic style and find his ability to balance acupuncture with bodywork quite effective. I have a feeling whenever I leave the Hudson Valley, I will struggle to find another person as dedicated to their clients as Phil. I highly recommend seeing Phil, particularly if you are a first -time acupuncture goer since he is so personable and empathetic."

Ashley Boltrushek, Bard College

"Philip is an amazing healer. He has helped me with stress, back pain, low energy and overall health. He is very knowledgable and uses various modalities, depending on what I
need at each session. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of physical or energetic work. "

Dunja vonstoddard, Rhinecliff, NY

"Phil is a unique and innovative healer,using a variety of techniques that he tailors to the particular ailment being treated. He excels at acupuncture, but also uses healing methods such as cupping,massage,etc. He's helped me problems as varied as a sinus infection and a sore back. Highly recommended !

Stephanie Savell, PhD, Red Hook, NY

"I have had many sessions with Phil over a few years now. I have received Acupuncture, Tuina,Zero Balancing,Craniosacral and Cupping. All of his treatments have been very healing for me and its wonderful how he can offer so much. Phil is a very thoughtful and compassionate practitioner. Looking forward to my next treatment !"

Kate Honig- LMT, Red Hook, NY

"The qualities I value most in a healthcare practitioner—beyond a high level of competence—are compassion, responsiveness and complete presence. Philip embodies all of these."

Jennifer Fox, PhD, LMT - Craniosacral Therapist

"A wonderful acupuncturist with much knowledge of the body and how to repair it. I'd recommend Philip to anyone ! "

Fiona Maazel, writer

"After more than a week of serious pain from my foot injury, I have to tell you that in one session it feels tons better. I realized that what you did was work the foot in order to unlock what was frozen from the injury. It seems that once you got things flowing again through my foot, it could rapidly recover. By the end of the end of the day it was already feeling better and I found that if I gently moved my foot and stretched it the way you did in the session, that it felt even better yet. I woke up this morning with no pain in the foot and was actually able to walk around the farm this morning with hardly any pain. My foot is feeling normal again. Thanks!"

Lynndee Kemmett, Hudson Valley, NY 

“I had only experienced acupuncture once before I went to Philip for a treatment. That first experience was uncomfortable and impersonal. I thought I did not like nor
acupuncture. When a friend recommended Philip, I decided to give it another chance. I found the experience nourishing, nurturing, and healing on many levels. Philip takes the time to connect with his clients, hearing what their concerns are, where they are in their lives, and offering wise counsel and creative interventions for some of the issues presented. The treatment itself was actually pleasurable. With the moxa heat and Philipʼs gentle style, I could feel the energy weaving through my body. I left feeling balanced, relaxed, and lighter. I made another appointment. “

Karen Holtslag, Hyde Park ~ Intuitive Counseling/ Energy Healing

“My journey of intent to my life in the light holds as an integral part of the work shared between Philip Brown and myself. When my body is open, my mind is clear and my spirit is receptive. I utilize Philipʼs practice for cessation of physical pain, for empowerment of being, and for elucidation of intention. His is the primary modality I recommend to everyone, no matter what they are seeking and a more perfect practitioner would be difficult to find. “

Liz Forsyth, Ghent ~Television Production

“I took 30 days of antibiotics....last summer for an acute case of Lyme Disease. It seemed to work but left me feeling drained with sluggish digestion. A series of three constitutional treatments from Philip helped me recover completely and I got my energy back.”

Jean Giblette, Philmont ~Director of High Falls Gardens

“Going in the treatment room to get acupuncture, I was stressed and tense with a pinched nerve from my shoulder to my left pinky finger. After receiving my session, I was completely at ease and pain- free.”

Larry Marshall, Hudson ~Hudson House Antiques 

“Philipʼs sensitivity as a healer and his holistic approach makes each experience of practice have a profound effect both in the immediate present and for a prolonged time. He has tapped into the essence of my problematic issues and with open knowledge and techniques nurtured the healing process.”

Abby Lapin, Hollowville ~ Owner Amble Dance Center, Musician

“Philip Brown is a consummate healer, blending his passion, skill and innovation to meet the needs of his clients. My work with him over an 8 month period brought clear results. His background in a variety of healing modalities is vast as is his compassion, intelligence and humor. I came away from our sessions with an experience of having been "met" where I am and my understanding broadened. And I also always laughed...

Kathleen Mandeville, Tivoli ~ Artistic Director Ignivox Productions

“Philip Brown, purveyor of acupuncture. Well, yeah, sure. Philip Brown, purveyor of focus through acupuncture. Now weʼre talking ! Working with Philip has brought spiritual awareness and sensorial awareness where it had been forgotten. But more importantly, it has brought focus. I am moving through life as opposed to letting it wash over me in confusion. Get Stuck ! “

Grover P. Zucker, Ghent ~ Information Technology Consultant

“My pain has been remarkably alleviated and my general well-being has been remarkably improved.”

Jan McGuire, Rhinebeck ~ McGuire Excavating

“After several months of severe nerve pain with no relief, my rheumatologist recommended acupuncture. Iʼd seen countless doctors, physical therapists, specialists, you name it; I was scared and tired and desperate to find hope. Since my first acupuncture session several months ago, I can still hardly believe it. Pain-free ! More importantly, under Philipʼs care, I have discovered not only the poignant healing powers of acupuncture but also that acupuncture, in a very real way, equals an overall healthy life. “

Kate Bradley, Saugerties ~Content Supervisor, Pump Audio Inc.

“My experience with acupuncture began about 25 years ago. So when I experienced a condition that baffled the medical specialists for more than two years and many tests....I consulted Philip. After presenting the facts and the history, Philip started treating me and has treated me regularly for the past two years. Philip listens, intuits and wants to help/heal. I trust him totally. “

Dorothy Baran, Rhinebeck

“Philip was recommended to me by a good friend. I had some lower back pain and hip pain. After the first visit the back pain was gone and my overall well-being had returned. I have been a client now for over two years. For me acupuncture covers it all; mind, body and spirit. Each session builds upon the preceding one. It spills into every aspect of your life. Philip is intelligent, professional and compassionate. He has given me tips on nutrition that I found extremely helpful. I recommend Philip to everyone. Whatever ails you acupuncture can help.”

Caroline Bell Tumblety ~ Group and Conference Sales Manager Beekman Arms

“I was looking for a way to improve my overall health and well-being. I met an acupuncturist at a training who highly recommended five element acupuncture. She gave me her schoolsʼ website address and Philipʼs name came up. I started receiving acupuncture in September and immediately felt its effects. Itʼs hard to describe energy and energetic changes, but five element acupuncture makes me feel as if my body is protected, almost like taking a super vitamin would. Philip combines five element acupuncture with forms of massage and bodywork to address muscular tension and alignment. Philip listens to me and my body(through reading the pulses at the wrist) and integrates both into treatment. Iʼve recommended him to friends.”

Kathy Yeager, Kingston ~School Teacher

“I sought out the services of a Worsley Acupuncturist and am so grateful I found Philip. My initial problem was a noisy TMJ, clicking on movement, leaving me with mouth pain by the evening. After one visit the mouth pain was minimized and after 10 visits the issue is 99% better. This is a chronic problem for me as was a 10-year-old groin pull which would spasm often while ballroom dancing, painful for days after. I no longer have any spasms in my psoas muscle. Philip is a patient, gentle practitioner, extremely knowledgeable in body energy and healing. He is attentive to the patients needs, a good listener, and very willing to research any new challenge. Philip possesses all the qualities important to create a healing environment for the mind, body, and spirit.”

Dr. Linda Joseph ~ Woodstock, NY. Professor Emerita- City University of New York

“ I saw Philip weekly over the summer of 2006 and 2007, and his acupuncture and moxibustion work helped me manage a chronic neck injury(three herniated discs from an accident). I donʼt know what I would have done without him.”

Jane Ciabattari ~ Windham, NY. Author

“I came to see Philip Brown after having a negative experience with another acupuncturist. My reluctance to see another practitioner was overruled by neck pain and spasms. Upon meeting him I immediately felt at ease- knowing I had made a good decision. Philip took a medical history from me as well as an emotional one. I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years and no one has ever asked me about my feelings. On my third visit, Philip was able to “connect the dots” between my body, mind and spirit. I mentioned to him that my neck pain seemed to coincide with learning how to drive, (Iʼm 51). It was at this point that he very gently but skillfully uncovered the thoughts that go through my mind while driving- they are not happy or positive ones. Philip helped me understand  these habitual thought patterns are derived from “conclusions” I have about myself, which are deeply rooted in my past. With his encouragement, I have created a new and positive conclusion about where I am today, not something that happened to me 40 years ago. All this after only 3 treatments!!!

Philip Brown is a gifted healer; he ministers on an energetic level as well as a physical one. My neck pain is improving and so is my driving.”

Fran Conway ~ Rhinebeck, NY.R.N., R.V.T., R.Y.T.

"A session with Philip is never less than amazing. His ability to trust in the awesomeness of healing with who he is -sets him wonderfully apart from other practitioners of acupuncture. Words do not do justice to describe the true sweetness of working with him and the changes he is capable of facilitating in oneself."

Leah Allen Costa ~ Licensed Massage Therapist, Wappingers Falls, NY

"Philip was recommended to me by Memorial Sloan-Kettering following cancer treatments.  I've found a well-spring of rehab assistance under his care and look forward to seeing him every week.  Philip combines a diverse background of training and experience with an acute intuition for what works when with which patient.  His advice for healthful living is also astute.  I'm most grateful to Philip for all his help."  

Alfred J. Law--retired attorney, Germantown.

Phil's innovative approach to revitalized health and healing is holistic, individualized, perceptive, and caring.  His commitment to sharing his knowledge to help others achieve a better health state and empower them to take their health to another level, is the foundation from which he works from.  He's very comfortable to work with, attentive, intelligent, and friendly.  I definitely recommend Phil Brown.  He has a full arsenal of skills, including communication, to help you get on the road to health!

Dawn Wen Film maker



  • #  The practitioner (Phil) was excellent ,wonderful manner, and helped with my particular issue THANKS PHIL

  • #  Dr. Phil gave me acupuncture, and it was one of the best experiences in my entire life. He was absolutely wonderful.

  • #  Phil was amazing! Very professional and kind. I had a terrific experience with him.

  • #  Just what I needed at the time. Phil was attentive and well skilled.

  • #  " The Tui Na massage was very intense, but wonderful!"

  • #  “Had Phil with acupuncture, a very nice experience ! “

  • #  “loved my acupuncture session “ 

    #-"I attended the Amrit Desai workshop this past weekend, and also had an acupuncture session on Saturday the 28th (I believe his name was Phil?).  I've never done acupuncture, but was hoping for help with digestive issues, which I know were caused by stress and emotional / spiritual / energy issues.  For the past 4 or 5 years, I've been unable to eat many things, including raw vegetables, without taking extra digestive enzymes.  Although I've made a huge shift in my life over the past year and have resolved many of my emotional issues, I felt like my body hadn't yet caught up, and needed extra help.  I had a very helpful discussion with Phil(?) about my eating habits, root causes, etc., as part of the acupuncture session.  After the session, I was planning to start slowly, trying out a few small things without first taking enzymes.  I went to dinner, loaded up a plate of vegetables, salad, etc., all of which previously caused lots of digestive problems for me, and then realized I'd forgotten my enzymes.  I ate the dinner anyway (slowly and mindfully) and, to my surprise, had no problems at all.  Since then, I've also been fine.  I don't know if it was actually the acupuncture, the deep yoga/meditation or things have in fact been fine for me lately and I just haven't even tried eating without pills, but either way, please pass on my thanks to the acupuncturist- our conversation and the treatment has been life changing for me! "