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What is acupuncture ? 

Acupuncture is a system of healing that is 3-5000 years old and is part of a larger system simply known as Chinese Medicine. 

Acupuncture is what I call "inside" medicine to be distinguished from Western Medicine which I 
call "outside" medicine. Acupuncture stimulates your innate healing capacity. Your body is already trying to heal whatever you need help with. Acupuncture can potentiate that healing by 10-20%. The acupuncturist accesses if that will be enough and can tell the prospective client how many visits it will likely take to see results and the likelihood that he/she will be able to help them. In most cases, it can take 5-6 sessions to see improvement( and often fewer sessions). For difficult cases, it can take as many as 8-10 sessions. 

Western medicine, in contrast, is about doing something to the body with drugs or surgery with the thought that your body is incapable of correcting the issue on its own. This is great in emergency medicine situations but is more problematic in chronic situations which is the vast majority of what the acupuncturist sees on a daily basis in his clinic.

I give this to all new clients 


                                         Rhinebeck Acupuncture 

Classical acupuncture is a healing art based on the laws of nature. It takes into account all of the marvelous complexity of each person in body, mind, and spirit-that is-the total person. It works preventatively as well as curatively doing whatever nature will allow within us. Thus, the amount of treatment and the response to treatment vary according to the individual.

It is important that you be aware of all sorts of changes that may express themselves within you during and after each treatment. These could include an intense awareness of old memories, unfamiliar bursts of anger, weepiness or other emotions, a short period of intensification of a particular symptom, a change in bowel or urinary patterns, change in appetite or sleep, and so forth. Do not be concerned if you feel some unusual changes happening-they are important in the healing process and you should allow time for them to run their course. They are temporary and will be monitored by your practitioner.

It is also helpful to imagine yourself the way you would like to be and feel. Your own mental energy is a powerful force. Allow your thoughts and attitudes to reinforce the help that each treatment provides. Picture yourself in a healthy, balanced state of being and, most of all, be kind to yourself mentally and physically.

To enhance the value of treatment, please follow these suggestions:

~ Do not have a very hot bath, shower, or sauna within 12 hours(before and after treatment).

~ Avoid eating a large or heavy meal just before or after treatment. 

~Set aside enough time to arrive relaxed and to arrive at your next destination relaxed.

~ Avoid wearing make-up and any scent if possible .

~ Plan your activities so that after each treatment(especially the first few)you can relax and allow yourself the maximum benefits.

~Continue your prescription medication exactly as directed by your personal physician.

~Drink plenty of water. I recommend infused distilled water. Add slices of fruits or vegetables to your distilled water to infuse it. A good rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day at a minimum. Water that is room temperature or warmer is best.~ Cultivate respect for your body/mind/spirit, and strive to live in moderation within the laws of nature. Among other things, this includes adequate mental and physical rest, nutrition, and exercise. Try to avoid excess sugar, refined, canned, frozen, or artificial foods, as well as dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco. 

Appointments and insurance

Please allow about one and a half hours for the initial interview/treatment and an hour for each subsequent treatment. 

If you should need to miss, cancel, or postpone your appointment, 48 hours notice is required or a fee for the time will be charged.

I am an in network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield and I accept no-fault insurance as well. Please contact me about your insurance to see if it might be covered.

                                                                Philip Brown L.Ac.

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